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D2 with Raack

Stuck at home due to lockdown again and too many rules to abide by? We know how low this can get when you just cannot let your imagination loose. But now, it’s time to change what has always happened! Dance with some of the most experienced masters and in the most trending tracks without any technical barriers. Let the dancer in you feel all the positive groove around. You know,  a little dance a day will surely be your happy pill!


3 months – Jun-Aug 2021



Junior Stars

Senior Stars

Teens & Adults

Rs.1,300 per month OR Rs.3,200 one-time
Rs.1,400 per month OR Rs.3,600 one-time
Rs.1,500 per month OR Rs.3,900 one-time
Rs.1,600 per month OR Rs.4,200 one-time


These sessions will be virtual and extremely fulfilling and interactive.

2 classes a week (8 classes a month)

These bite-sized classes are more about creating positivity around with the help of dance. This time we bring to you fun choreography on the top-most trending songs by some of the best mentors in town. If you’re the one who keeps dancing in your head while your earphones play the most popular songs on loop when you are cooking or washing dishes or working, “Raack’s Dance Decoded” is exactly where you should be!

It is quite possible for everyone to be quite frustrated while they are unable to do things the normal way as they used to. At this point of time we thought why not let everyone feel happy and energized, why not spread some positivity, like Raack has always been doing.

We are open for all age groups and with some of the most amazing tracks in our playlist. We can help you ease out your shoulders a bit and lose those extra belly fats after an entire day of work from home.

We can help your kids talk to people and dance with them while they have been sitting alone with phones all day.

We can help you gain the confidence to dance like a superstar in the most amazing tracks. How about creating some great dance reels on Instagram and we help you trend as well? It is all win-win for you.

You get to learn from the best and it is never too late to learn new things.

You get to learn the meaning behind each move and the mood of the music to transform versatile and to dance on the best and most trending dance tracks, so that dream dance performance of yours on your friend’s marriage or birthday is a check. You get to meet more fellow dancers from your town and across!

Wait, we have more!

End of the month we will organize a Cover Challenge. Interested students will get to record a dance cover of the track that they have learnt over a month. Zone-wise winners will be announced in all our digital platforms!!!

Dance, at the Comforts of Your Home!