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Ramana Balaji

Entertainment Architect

Ramana Balaji

With over 20 years of experience in the field of entertainment & events, our Founder and Entertainment Architect, Ramana Balaji offers services like event theme conception, event ambience, and customized onstage & offstage entertainment. 

Ramana has extensive track record – designing for award shows, reality TV shows, star nights, music videos, corporate product launch events, music & cinema.

Event Theme Conception

event theme conception
We offer consults for creating and customizing unique themes for events related to the client’s profile, taste, preference and value system. A lot of thought goes into deriving the theme so that the client and their employees relate to it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Event Ambience

The entire event look & feel (stage design, light design, decor, pre event area design) will be customized according to the proposed theme so that the audience gets the feel of it right from the start or as soon as they enter.

Onstage & Off-stage Entertainment

The entertainment for the event will be curated to suit the theme. Performances and artists will be sourced accordingly and the event’s flavor will be retained from the start till the end.

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