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Rhythm Beyond Workshop

Rhythm Beyond

Rhythm Beyond, Ramana’s brainchild, is a unique and first of its kind Dance workshop focused on a diverse group of people including modern workforce, students, home makers and business owners. This workshop has the power to make anyone & everyone dance. Dancing is fun and your employees will love it! It makes them smarter, too.

This passionately created dance workshop ensures that the thoughts, words and actions come into synchronized rhythm resulting in the holistic well-being of an individual. It is not hard to imagine the impact of such a workforce on the organizations. This workshop is ideal for audience engagement activities, corporate workshops and team building activities.

Rhythm Beyond offers enormous benefits in the areas of confidence, energy, creativity and empathy of employees. All of which are crucial for a company to function well.

Rhythm Beyond benefits individuals at Body, Mind and Happiness levels and organizations at Culture, Efficiency and Wealth Creation levels. 


Gift the Power of Harmony to Your Organization!